• 一念永恒


      一念成沧海,一念化桑田。 Read aloud the sea, read aloud change Sang Tian. Miss cut 1000 demon, read aloud kill 10 thousand celestial being. Only I read aloud... lasting this is ear root afterwards " celestial being is gone against " " beg demon " " my desire Feng Tian " hind, the 4th novel of creation " read aloud eternity "

  • 大主宰


      大千世界,位面交汇,万族林立,群雄荟萃,一位位来自下位面的天之至尊,在这无尽世界,演绎着令人向往的传奇,追求着那主宰之路。 The boundless universe, the face is handed in collect, 10 thousand a group of things with common features bristly, assemble of a large number of heroes, one come from those who finish the day of a face to come honour, in this endless world, deducing the legend that makes a person yearning, seeking the way of that dictate. Endless fire land with certain boundaries, phlogistic emperor in control of, 10 thousand fire burn canopy. In fierce condition, fierce Zu Zhiwei, awe heaven and earth. The hall of Western Paradise, the emperor of 100 battle, battle power is not had but enemy. The grave of boreal barren, the ground of 10 thousand graves, not dead advocate town heaven and earth. . . . . . . The boy goes from boreal clever condition, ride sparrow of 9 the nether world, enter to world of that diverse and confused of wonderful unsurpassed, the road of dictate, who advocate ups and downs? The boundless universe, 10 thousand are contended for sharp edge, I is big dictate.   

  • 雪鹰领主


        在夏族的安阳行省,有一个很小很不起眼的领地,叫——雪鹰领! The An Yang in summerly a group of things with common features is saved all right, have very small very ordinary feudal, cry -- Xue Ying is gotten! Story, begin from here! **   afterwards " discipline of rank grass barren " " gobble up sky " " 9 vessels are written down " " Pan Long " " stars goes " " Cun Mang " " astral peak is fabulous " hind, the 8th novel of tomato!   

  • 圣墟


      在破败中崛起,在寂灭中复苏。 Rise abruptly in tumble down, in lonely in destroying, anabiosis. The sea becomes this world, thunder is dried up, that deep and remote mist draws near again the earth, worldly chains was opened, a brand-new world opens secret one corner at this point...

  • 修真聊天群


      某天,宋书航意外加入了一个仙侠中二病资深患者的交流群,里面的群友们都以‘道友’相称,群名片都是各种府主、洞主、真人、天师。 One of these day, song Shuhang joined the 2 disease in a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a celestial being accidentally the communication of senior patient group, group of friend inside people with ' the talk is friendly ' proportional, group calling card is all sorts of government office advocate, hole advocate, division of true person, day. Lian Qun advocate the pet dog of be lost calls big bewitching dog to run away from home. What chat all the day is what of experience of work of the make pills of immortality, condition that charge secretary, refine. Abrupt one day, he of phreatic water a long time discovers suddenly... group in each group member, it is to repair entirely actually true person, of transform nature, can immortal chiliad the sort of! Ah ah ah, world outlook is dying thoroughly overnight break! The book is friendly group: 9 continent 1 group: 207572656   9 continent 2 group: 168114177   9 continent group (VIP book is friendly group, need test and verify) 63769632

  • 不朽凡人


      在这里,拥有灵根才能修仙,所有凡根注定只是凡人。 Here, have Ling Gencai to be able to repair celestial being, all every root is destined is laic only. Mo Moji, have every root only, one interpose is laic!   

  • 重生完美时代


      老牌程序员出身的李牧,被命运一脚踹回了2001年高考的当口,他欣喜的拍拍屁股,起身便踏上了一条注定牛X的道路。 The Li Mu of one's previous experience of old brand programmer, by the destiny one foot kick was answered 2001 of the university entrance exam when the mouth, he is patted gladly tap the end, rose to set foot on to be destined the road of bovine X. Hard work bout, li Mu has his own pursuit, making money is the primary level of bovine X only, as to publish times weekly publication, make bully IT industry, Forbes asking a vessel a list of names posted up, the intermediate level that also is life with respect to reluctance, as to the highest state that what just is bovine X, li Mu feels to have the following at 3 o'clock: Those who do famous person is patristic; Make the image of wealthy person; The dry father that becomes Niu Ren...  ---------Cannot avoid custom built a constituency group: 526459805, the welcome comes in the talk nonsense that blow water.

  • 放开那个女巫


      程岩原以为穿越到了欧洲中世纪,成为了一位光荣的王子。 Cheng Yan thinks formerly passed through Europe is mediaeval, became a glorious prince. But is what this world thinks with oneself it seems that not quite same? Sibylline and actual existence, and still have magic power really? Sibylline farm article, have till the land after all.

  • 天道图书馆


      【2017最火玄幻作品,海外点击第一】张悬穿越异界,成了一名光荣的教师,脑海中多出了一个神秘的图书馆。 [2017 most work of igneous black unreal, abroad click the first] Zhang Xuan passes through different bound, became a glorious teacher, the many gave a mystery library in brain. Want the thing that he has seen only, no matter the person still is content, can form a book automatically, the record issues the defect with various the other side, then, his ox is big! Education is unripe, close prentice, hall give lessons, tone teachs most overmatch, impart the world. "Bright Yang Dadi, how don't you like to wear briefs? Formidable great emperor, can you notice to choose figure? "     " exquisite faery, you if in the evening again insomnia, can look for me, my this individual sings those who sleep peacefully music has one to cover very much! "     " still have you, gentleman of demon of heaven and earth, can eat bit of green Chinese onion less, want to fume father dead? "   this is inheritance of line of a division, education, show the world most the ox of overmatch forces the story that pull wind. Already had this " freely of bound of boxing emperor different " , " 8 gods hut " , " endless the pubic region " wait for a book, quality assures, can enter pit!   

  • 龙王传说


      伴随着魂导科技的进步,斗罗大陆上的人类征服了海洋,又发现了两片大陆。 Companion guides as fetch the progress of science and technology, the mankind that fights Luo Daliu to go up conquered marine, discovered two mainlands again. Fetch animal also fights excessive trend as the hunt of human spirit division ruined, the Wang Zaixing of fetch animal of countless years fights sleep deeply the Sukhavati come round with old final forest, it should guide the clansman that puts only, avenge to the mankind! Tang Wulin aspire should make a powerful spirit division, can become when military spirit arousal, of come to, it is however... the ability with outstanding   , of the Dragon King contend for, our the Dragon King is fabulous, will begin from this.   

  • 我真是大明星


      一心想当明星的张烨穿越到了一个类似地球的新世界。 The Zhang Ye that of one mind thinks to should star passed through the new world of a similar earth. TV station. Spot of compere invite applications for a job. A sound reads aloud loudly: "On vast sea, fierce wind coils collect is worn black clouds. Between black clouds and sea, salangane resembles black lightning, fly in arrogant ground... rainstorm, the rainstorm was about to come! This is brave salangane, on howling sea, it is among lightning, fly arrogantly; The prophet that this is a victory is crying -- those who let a rainstorm come is some more violent! "   then, this world never has listen to exorbitant Er base " salangane " interview officials are gotten by Jing dumbfounded! Story, set out from here. [taste instruct to manufacture] : Already was over this " the mayor Yours Excellency " " hard work " " the plaything life of renascence " " power money " .

  • 重生之都市修仙


      正式版:渡劫期大修士陈凡陨落在天劫中,却一梦五百年重回地球的年少时代。 Formal edition: In crossing fall from the sky of Chen Fan of disaster period big brother to rob in the day, however one dream the junior times of earth of 500 years of regain. Go up generation the peak of universe of my climb a hill, look down at 10 thousand bounds, unmanned however photograph is accompanied. This generation wishs not to lose the past only dear. Common edition: Renascence of the person that cross disaster period to repair celestial being answers cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine city, make up for a regret, play the part of a pig to take the story of the tiger. True Wu Xianzong: The 415550977 full already backup force that repair celestial being group: Group of 173822811 full already north fining jade: 631784375 have friend of room VIP book group: The 467647576 total figures that order cut

  • 择天记


      命里有时终须有,命里无时要强求。 Have to have sometimes in the life, when be not being had in the life, want to importune. This is the story of a peanut.

  • 全职高手


      网游荣耀中被誉为教科书级别的顶尖高手,因为种种原因遭到俱乐部的驱逐,离开职业圈的他寄身於一家网吧成了一个小小的网管,但是,拥有十年游戏经验的他,在荣耀新开的第十区重新投入了游戏,带着对往昔的回忆,和一把未完成的自制武器,开始了重返巅峰之路。 The top ace of schoolbook level is known as in net You Rongyao, drive out because of what a variety of reasons suffer a club, he what leave professional group sent a body to become a small net valve at an Internet bar, but, him what have experience of 10 years of game, in honorable new-blown the 10th area threw game afresh, bringing pair of old memory, abstain a weapon half-bakedly with, began the journey of return summit summit. ===================================  

  • 斗战狂潮


      双月当空,无限可能的英魂世界   孤寂黑暗,神秘古怪的嬉命小丑   百城联邦,三大帝国,异族横行,魂兽霸幽   这是一个英雄辈出的年代,人类卧薪尝胆重掌地球主权,孕育着进军高纬度的野望! Double month high above in the sky, the   of flower fetch world of infinite likelihood is lonely and dark, 100 cities of mysterious and eccentric   of play life clown are confederative, 3 great empires, different race infestation, fetch animal bully deep and remote   this is the time that a hero comes forth in large numbers, human undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth weighs palm world sovereign rights, be pregnant with is worn march what Gao Wei spends is wild look! The key is... the useless bavin of 2 grade learns to grow Wang Tongxue, how to use play life rotary table, prize is whole the world, learn younger sister people, ask an attention, learn to grow! ! ! Fight battle a flock of: 21222419 (2000 people Zhan Liqun)   fights battle 2 groups: The small letter of skeleton of 12962047   is public date: Small gain of sina of Kuloujingling00   : Skeleton demon

  • 异常生物见闻录


      郝仁,人如其名,是个好人,理想是平平安安过一辈子,当个穷不死但也发不了财的小房东——起码在他家里住进去一堆神经病生物之前是这样。 Hao Ren, person if name, it is a good person, ideal is to make the same score smooth An An to pass all one's life, become an end is not dead but the small landlord that also cannot send money -- at least piles in the occupy in his home is such. The big house of a devious stale, pile the biology outside the person with normal not very, still one comes from " deities " labor contract, 3 element add up let Hao Ren become the busiest landlord on this world and the most high-energy nurse, the story of the the the most confused, strangest, most abnormal lodger landlord begins at this point. "Hit on labor contract to press fingerprint to rose that day oneself, I know I am to go up pirate ship... "

  • 玄界之门


      天降神物! The sky falls wonder! Different blood appendages! Group dread of celestial being Jing! Keep out of the way of 10 thousand demon! The teenager that mainland of a Cong Dongzhou walks out of. The red pink skeleton of depend on each other of a life and death. An aspire becomes the old practice to overmatch. The Milky Way of Zha of a paragraph of Chi, be troubled by the fokelore of 3 bounds greatly. Forget language new book, already was over this " laic Xiu Xianchuan " " " demon day is written down " .

  • 我的1979


      一觉醒来,回到70年代,再次面对过往,你猜不透的结局.......... Shut-eye awakes, return 70 time, face associate with again, you are guessed not ending. . . . . . . . . .

  • 银狐


      人的第一要求就是活着,第二要求还是活着,第三要求依旧是活着……在某些特定的环境下,活着就成了一种奢望。 The first requirement of the person is living, the 2nd requirement is living still, the 3rd requirement is living as before... fall in certain and specific environment, living became a kind of extravagant hopes. In hell we look up at heaven, handle is extended, although cannot be touched,come up against heaven, can make our distance heaven a few closer however. Vocal in hell, be thankful in hell, love each other in hell, kill in hell, we are shedding tear to cluster round each other after that the pectoral abdomen dagger lunge the other side, do not be other, just be like those who if not have,have to be thankful for which silk. The world of big the Song Dynasty is my fetter, also be my sky, only brace up the meaning that the bird that the wing flies just knows a sky. The emperor says -- borrow me royal wide mansion one horn, with your mother child make one's home. Core source says -- drop Shui Zhien I should emerge fontal look newspaper, nevertheless you cannot ask, I am repaid what kind ofly to you, you are accepted is. I may be cleverer than your everybody, come from some kind of meaning say, I am prophetic, I am philosopher, I am a god!

  • 美食供应商


      “在遥远的东方,存在着一个数次拒绝了米其林三星评价的奇怪小店。 "In distant east, what existence wore several times to reject Mi Jilin SamSung to evaluate is strange small shop. Over there the price is high, a bowl of egg matching soup fries meal 288RMB, oh forgot to still have dishful pickle, but it is so also a lot of people queue up to wait. Do not accept over there book, accept him spot to queue up only, countless people are opening private plane to queue up on a special trip, do not offer of course stop seat number or parking space. Serve over there abominable, let him client carry dish to clear away bowl chopsticks actually, was opposite brush a table even, oh! Sacred this boss simply mad. "     -- " Mijilinmei feeds a magazine " date of small letter public: Ylbxd24, name: Can do the cat of dish, search name or public date can pay close attention to newest trends.

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